How to reach customers who either do not have a smart phone or have no app yet installed?

Our patented Bluetooth boxes represent a kind of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Master Beacon. The Plug and Play technology requires a regular power supply and, if available, access to the Internet via LAN. If no internet connection is within range, the data may alternatively be submitted via mobile access. Regular battery replacement is eliminated and the health of the device may at any time be checked remotely.

Our patented Master Beacons can handle also bluetooth classic. For this kind of bluetooth hotspots no app is required. Owners of phones only need to activate their Bluetooth and can connect to the hotspot.

The Bluetooth Box is successfully used at airports, in Bahnöfen, retail distribution at fairs and other large-capacity events for years.

The devices rare easy to maintain and certified.


Teaser on the CLP, resolution via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth box connects traditional advertising with the digital world.

Plug & Play

The Bluetooth Box can be installed in a few minutes and is immediately ready for use. The campaigns are on german servers and will be ditributed via LAN or mobile access.


The development of an own app costs a lot of time and money. But there is no guarantee that the App will then also be used? To operate a Bluetooth Box no app necessary.